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Research and Publications

Current Research Interests

Operator Algebras and Operator Theory in Quantum Information

  • Keywords: quantum information theory, operator algebras, operator theory, quantum computing, quantum error correction, quantum cryptography, quantum information processing, matrix theory, operator space theory, linear algebra, functional analysis.
  • My research was recently supported by the University Research Chair in Quantum Information at the University of Guelph, which included support from AIMSIQC, and PI.
  • I am currently supported by a Mitacs Accelerate Grant, a Discovery Grant from the Canadian Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council, and previously by an NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplement (awarded in the 2008-2009 competition) and an Ontario Early Researcher Award (awarded in the 2006 competition).
  • Recently I have also been working with Xanadu Quantum Technologies based in Toronto.